Ad blocking today, says the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is just plain wrong and ‘a potentially existential threat’ to the advertising industry. For online travel businesses like pan-European travel metasearch Gopili this will be one of the biggest challenges facing them in 2017. Says UK Country Manager Rodolphe Morfoise-Gauthier: “Ad blocking usage is growing rapidly and it’s possible that in the coming years half of all users will be using them.” In March this year, the IAB reported that 22% of UK adults were using ad block technologies, a rise from 18% reported in October 2015. In the US that number is even higher with e-Marketer reporting that in 2016, 32% of people used ad-blocking technology. The practice poses some real challenges for correctly attributing where a user has come from. Morfoise-Gauthier explains: “For acquisition campaigns, you need to track results using reliable attribution methods. This used to be possible by placing a cookie on their desktop, but cookies aren’t that reliable anymore.” Get the full story at EyeForTravel