Todays’ markets have fundamentally changed both in demand patterns and pur- chase behaviour. This is why most existing Hotel Revenue Management approaches seem to be outdated. Developped centu- ries ago, the concept behind yield and rev- enue management is still being utilized in daily hospitality business. Many revenue managers are working with systems that are not adapted therefore cannot keep up with the rapid changes we have faced in society and technology. Online Travel Agencies have come into being establishing large marketplaces which are widely used by cutomers nowadays. On the one hand, they generate demand for hotels, but on the other hand they require high commis- sions for their role as intermediaries. Times are changing – such as customer demands Hotel Revenue Management has become quite a complex field since today customer satisfaction is a key factor of success and bad reviews are quickly spread out... Long lasting satisfaction is much harder to achieve as the market of potential guests is basically unlimit- ed. However, online review portals and review analytic software (as provided by Customer Alliance) offer new and cheap ways to effec- tively measure customer satisfaction. Next to Revenue Management software, effective review management can provide a good op- portunity to formulate and eventually achieve business goals more straightforward. By us- ing professional review analytic solutions, the gathering of feedbacks will help hoteliers in order to determine correct pricing for the whole range of their products and services as well as for diverging customer groups. Download the whitepaper at Customer Alliance (free registration)