For Paul Murray, vice president of revenue management, Americas at Hyatt Hotels Corporation organisational commitment requires three things: data access, data quality, and data intelligence. It also means having the ability to manage and interpret data in a way that provides value. With these key elements in place, you can devote efforts to a myriad of valuable directions, such as investment efforts, booking channel management, marketing and loyalty activities, revenue optimisation, upsell opportunities, high return directions for sales efforts, cost containment, pricing flexibility, and so on,” he says. Hotel companies have certainly made great improvements in managing data and using it to make key business decisions over the past decade. But, big data is a race that does not have a finish line. So, companies need to continue at a fast pace for the long haul. Here is how: 1. Start with measuring current levels of performance and tracking for incremental gains. It doesn't sound exciting, but it is a key first step that many have yet to achieve. 2. Develop system functionality to capture guest information and capabilities to offer upsells through multiple booking channels. Technologically, I think this is a bigger hurdle than many might wish to acknowledge. 3. Develop methods to identify guests that want to consume upsell products and find methods to offer them to the guest through the many layers of a reservation life cycle. Get the full story at EyeForTravel