When sleeping in a traditional hotel bed, taking a shower using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, or trying to find an internet connection on-site, guests used to and many still wish they were home instead. However, this situation is becoming less and less frequent, as hotel companies realize that the hotel product could be better than what people have in their homes. This revolution has started with the new beds and will continue to affect many other areas within hotels.

The next big and probably also the most urgent improvement is expected to happen in bathrooms. Hotel companies are already researching the transformation of the all-in-one plastic unit, bath/shower and toilet combined in one bathroom. The future hotel bathroom could feature a separate toilet area, a separate shower, a large bathtub, chrome hardware, marble floors, 100% Egyptian cotton towels, flowers, decorative items, DVD players, and flat-panel televisions. In a nutshell, everything one would like in one’s own bathroom. Such bathrooms might appear exaggerated. However, according to USA Today, the Maison Orleans hotel in New Orleans features all those items. Also, major luxury hotel chains are proud of their abnormally large bathrooms, such as the Four Seasons, featuring 750 square-foot bathrooms, and the St. Regis in New York City. The race for differentiation has not yet come to an end. The new beds were just the beginning.

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