People will use their mobile devices to maximize almost every moment in Mobile 3.0. says it best. “All of which means the next 12 months will see an explosion in mobile moments: products, services and experiences that will enable mobile-loving consumers to embrace lifestyle multi-if-not-hyper-tasking.” Think of it as multi-screen interaction where one of the screens is the real world around us. We’ve already seen early entrants into this next phase. Waze is a great example, as it gives us real-time and crowd-sourced information to elevate our commute. And if you’ve ever successfully used Waze to improve your morning rush hour, you know it’s delightful. You may also put FaceTime and Map My Run in this category as early and groundbreaking examples. But these apps represent just the tip of the iceberg. The next generation of mobile devices and connectivity (led by the iPhone 5s) are going to drive the fastest and largest value creation ever in mobile apps and platforms. Get the full story at Venture Beat