In the tried and true world of offline direct marketing, it's all about finding potential buyers by way of something they have recently done- a recent move, a catalog purchase, the birth of a new baby. In fact, give me a consumer action or event and I'll bet you a nickel that I could find more than one direct marketer who would love to purchase a big ole list of them! To drill down just a bit more on this, consider these specific examples:

- A cable or satellite company may rent a "hotline" list of people who have recently moved, as these people are likely to make a decision on service very soon.

- A software manufacturer may opt to place a package insert into a computer box that's just been shipped, as the consumer will be starting with a blank canvas.

- A baby clothing company might use call centers to work new mother leads.

It's all very black and white in the "traditional" world and very, very trackable.

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