Millions of consumers live in societies of once undreamed affluence. Objects that were rare are now ordinary. The Experience Economy turned amazing into expected. Digital connection widened the scope of people's lives – the social access, resources and knowledge – beyond recognition. Sure, life isn't like that for everyone. But even in less affluent societies, it's the direction of travel. Meanwhile, expectations are being set by the latest, best and most exciting worldwide. What happens in this kind of environment? We've all read our Maslow: people turn to self-actualization. That is, an endless search to realize the idealized version of themselves that they carry around in their head. What can we add that Maslow didn't? In 2016, consumerism is the primary means by which people pursue that search. The brands they'll notice, engage with, love, are those that help them be the people they want to be. That's why (bold claim coming) self-actualization is the future of consumerism. So where does health and wellness fit in to all this? Get the full story at