Much of the news about Yahoo! recently has involved missed earnings, missing executives and missed opportunities. But there is good news - the Internet company?s news service itself.

Over the past two years, Yahoo! has quietly solidified its position as the No. 1 provider of general, financial and sports news on the Internet. Two out of every five people who use Yahoo! look at its news, finance and sports sites - 50 million people every month, according to Internet tracking firm ComScore. That's more than even the news service of Internet golden child Google.

Broadcast television still reaches more people in a single hour; 6 million viewers at a time will tune in to the CBS Evening News. But over the course of a month, the online portals are providing news to more people.

That means that aggregators like Yahoo!, MSN and AOL are becoming this generation's power hubs for news, commanding the attention that the networks did in their heyday.

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