TripBAM thinks that volatile pricing from hotels, combined with fragmented data for travel managers, has led to pricier business trips for years. But companies and travel managers armed with the right information can better insulate clients from wasting money. In the context of all of this hotel rates are going up and there is just a ton of pressure put on a travel manager to get those costs down. Travel managers and companies have had a really difficult time with compliance and getting travelers to book preferred hotels. The primary reason being is that travelers can find better rates on their own, they follow the loyalty programs to a great extent and it’s difficult to rein them in. Yet, when it comes to overall corporate travel spend, hotels is probably the one area where there is a real opportunity to save some money. The airlines you’ve got three or major competitors, the deal is the deal it just is what it is. Car, same kind of thing, you’ve got three or four major suppliers, you pick your primary, your secondary, you get your rates, you’re done. Get the full story at Skift Read also "What all this hotel consolidation means for corporate travel"