According to a GlobalWebIndex study, the 55-64 age bracket on Twitter is the fastest growing demographic, with 79% growth since 2012. On Facebook and Google+, the fastest growing demographic is the 45-54 age bracket, growing at 46% and 56% respectively. The average age of today’s social gamer is 39 years old, a nod to how popular games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds are with all age groups. With these demographics, our industry is experiencing what you might call a “youth movement.” Certainly, it is being driven by the Millennials and Gen X-ers, but older generations are sitting shotgun, having become more comfortable with technology in their personal lives. Regardless of age, the next-generation business travelers have different expectations when it comes to the travel tools they use today. Upstart technology companies and travel service suppliers will continue to join forces to create frictionless and engaging travel experiences for travelers. The bar has been set for technology that delivers the best user experience without sacrificing the priorities of corporate travel programs, and it’s evident that this is the first year that the technology tools have been able to balance those objectives. Get the full story at Fast Company