While the hotels would be advertising solely for their own properties, OTAs are ‘impartial’ in that sense. They do not care about the properties a customer books, they want to show the customer the best hotels available at their chosen budget. This means that a customer would definitely trust an OTA more than an advertising from a single hotel chain. The hotel industry spokespersons are countering that by saying that hotels genuinely care about building a relationship with their guests and providing them with the best possible experience, while OTAs merely end their responsibilities after the hotel booking transaction is completed. However, upon reflection, does that look like a huge differentiating factor to the price sensitive new age travelers of today? Also, the OTAs allow a plethora of choices including alternative accommodation options such as boutique hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, etc. Young people traveling on a strict budget would rather go for a pocket-friendly choice than the luxury treatment that one of the hotel chains have to offer upon direct booking. Get the full story at Trefis (free registration)