To illustrate why mapping for suppliers is essential, let’s take a look at how Expedia utilizes mapping for their hotel distribution. Using their Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN), they provide their inventory to OTAs, and by utilizing automated distribution mapping, EAN ensures that they pass their inventory accurately and ready for consumers to their distributors. Information is the key to success, and in B2B, it can be difficult for suppliers to access the information they need to control and improve inventory sales. With distribution mapping, you can see whether or not your inventory is mapped and made available to the customer by the distributor. And, if it isn’t, you can initiate the proper changes that have to be made. This visibility into the use of your product gives you control of your data and supports optimization. Another important point is that mapping allows you as a supplier to keep your inventory updated at all times. Changes happen in the market daily: hotels open and close, get sold and renamed, inventory data and proper matching quickly becomes outdated.The only way to ensure these updates are captured, mapped, and then properly displayed to the customer is by regularly mapping to your distribution channels. Get the full story at Gimmonix