If Booking.com produces a lot of sales for you, the first thing that you will think about is “I cannot do this because I will lose positioning on Booking.com and sell less, something I cannot afford to do”. But if your hotel is still working well in searches within Booking.com (by conversion, cancellation, price and the remaining Cs), why would Booking.com penalise it in results? It would be penalising itself since it would put a hotel (or many others) above yours that generate much less income per click, something they don’t want or are interested in. Our experience with client hotels confirms it. When Booking.com stopped their ads, they weren’t penalised in the ranking. Losing positioning in Booking.com is a risk that no hotel wants to take, but the respect (or fear) that we have for Booking.com must not make us lose focus and carry out the wrong decisions nor assume as normal those sales strategies (such as AdWords) that make no sense and that add no value to the hotel. Booking.com disagrees: They say that limiting options is not the way and the hotels shouldn’t be telling customers how to use the internet. A reasoning that is difficult to buy: I would like to see Booking.com’s reaction when a hotel bids for adwords using the brand “Booking.com”. Get the full story at Mirai Read also "Bidding on competitors brand terms: The complete guide" at Search Engine Land and "Google AdWords Trademark Policy" at Google