A recent MediaPost article revealed that only 0.02% traffic slips through Google’s Click Fraud filters, where advertisers do get inaccurately charged. The article makes a great point when it mentions that for only 0.02% of traffic, a person’s time would be better spent somewhere else such as trying to increase conversion rates.

So when you’ve stopped worrying about Click Fraud there are many different places in an online campaign that you can concentrate on. Here are just a few:

Concern yourself with the performance of your landing pages. Are your landing pages engaging your visitors? Are your visitors converting? Are they clicking through to the rest of your website? Measure the success of your messaging on your landing pages by performing A/B and Multivariate testing.

Measure the ROI of your campaigns by segmenting conversions by source and keywords. This is the best way to assign your advertising spend.

Have you analyzed your competitive landscape? Who else is bidding for the same keywords and how do your ads stack up against theirs? What about your rank on Google or Yahoo? Does a rank 3 consistently deliver more ROI than a rank 2? (Have you adjusted your bidding strategies accordingly?).

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