We read about Google Hotel Finder for months. And although the offering seemed to have a longer ramp up time than anticipated, it’s now running full bore. Starting immediately, Google is drawing a bit of travel shoppers’ attention away from natural search results, and redirecting it to Hotel Finder. There are even date boxes and an “All Google Hotel Finder results” link that conveniently takes shoppers directly to a page with hotels’ profiles and a map. From there, shoppers can book a room on an online travel agency or directly on the property’s website, whether corporate or independent. Google’s emphasis on Hotel Finder isn’t necessarily good or bad for your hotel, but it is something that forces you to adapt. In the past, Google did not include that many local listings on the first SERP. Yet as of lately, Google is pushing local listings more than ever; it also means the first SERP does not always have 10 natural results like we’ve been accustomed to. In our example, the page only contains eight natural results, thanks to Hotel Finder and local listings taking up space and bumping those results down to page two. Again, this can only be considered a positive or negative thing depending on how your hotel adjusts to the situation. Get the full story at the Vizergy blog