Economists, market researchers, hotel owners and more shared perspectives on this topic at the annual Hotel Data Conference here in September. The prognosis? Group isn’t gone for good, it’s just changing and hoteliers must understand these changes in demand, pricing structure and future development in order to capture as much profit from group bookings as possible. Today’s group performance troubles stem from the recession-era shunning of perceived bloated, corporate-subsidized pleasure trips in the name of business. Over the past few years the overall group segment of hotel business has struggled to return to profitability, and while groups are coming back most agree they often look a little bit different than they did before. On the demand side, STR’s SVP of strategic development Jan Freitag said that despite selling more rooms than ever, “our data show that indeed group demand has not recovered.” According to STR, total group demand in 2013 so far is 2 percent lower than it was in 2007. Get the full story at Hotel Management Read also "Line between hotel group and transient business blurring"