Kimpton Hotels launched an all-new version of its website in the summer of 2014 to interact with viewers on a deeper and more personal level, while engaging them longer on a year-round basis. “Our goal was to ensure that our digital experience really matches and aligns with the hotel experience,” says Kathleen Reidenbach, SVP of marketing at Kimpton Hotels. “Anyone can put a great website together that has glossy pictures and cool content, but does the website and blog make you smile? We want to make sure that the love affair that occurs between guests and Kimpton is happening when you plan your next trip.” The strategy behind the website redesign integrated Kimpton’s primary brand values: different, original, down-to-earth, healthy, simple and carefree. So the new website is more visual-first in its delivery, and the content is more localized and in depth with a 50-50 split between hotel and destination editorial. The non-hotel content is further split between travel information, such as the top 10 places to go for bike rides near a hotel, and lifestyle-oriented posts with actionable takeaways, such as recipes and fashion trends. Get the full story at Skift