Chesky's punch lines about Korean embroidery and his hometown of Niskayuna, N.Y., landed, while each facet of a 60-minute presentation that included film snippets on everything ranging from East Los Angeles marketplaces to Nelson Mandela's longtime prison guard was greeted with enthusiasm that bordered on the cultish. It's safe to say that the company had the wind at its proverbial back during the Airbnb Open, which took place in and around downtown Los Angeles for three days last month. Sure, there seemed to be a sense of catharsis, whether because last November's Airbnb Open in Paris was marred by the terror attacks that killed 137 people or because the American host-attendees were just emerging from a divisive presidential campaign that likely left many in the liberal-leaning crowd stunned. Remove those factors, though, and Airbnb still had a positive story to sell to both the attendees at the Orpheum and the press horde who had set up shop up the street at the Globe Theatre. They were also treated to a vegan breakfast buffet that was a study in contrast to the typical pork-and-sweets fare served at travel conventions but was oh-so-Airbnb. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Read also "Airbnb seeks to raise an additional $153 million to boost its war chest" at VentureBeat