Airlines spend a lot of money on business-class seats — as much as $150,000 each. “Many of the business-class seats we see today are better than the first-class seats from 10 years ago,” Mr. Saltzburg said. They come equipped with a wide selection of entertainment channels, massage cushions and power outlets for electronics. Most significant, many of the seats turn into beds. “The marketplace is asking the question, ought there be something between business class and economy, such as premium economy?” Mr. Rovinescu said. A number of airlines are already offering it: Continental with economy plus, Delta and Icelandair with economy comfort and Virgin America with main cabin select. “In a way, everything has shifted down a full rung,” said Mr. Daimler of Seatguru. “I’m excited about the death of first class, because it’s giving the rest of the passengers another choice. Comfort is more in reach of the common man.” Get the full story at The New York Times