Hotels have had a long love affair with In-Room Marketing. Hotel guests, not so much. For hotels, the captive audience of a guest in a hotel room means they can be bombarded with promotional messages. For hotel guests, the myriad of tent cards, door hangers and hang tags on everything from the bottled water to the bathrobe are downright annoying. Talk to most hotel General Managers and they’ll probably tell you the future of In-Room Marketing is digital. Five of the last seven General Managers I have spoken to about this tell me they’re doing away with tent cards and flyers and going digital. Why? Because the traditional in-room collateral is expensive, messy, environmentally unfriendly, ineffective and not what guests want. All pretty valid points. Digital in-room marketing will probably be cheaper, at least in the long run, after the initial equipment and setup cost is covered. Alleviating the mess and Going Green is also more easily achieved with digital. But to assume guests want digital in-room marketing or that it will be more effective, is a bit naïve. Get the full story at Trend Munday