First, it is no small feat to understand the emerging channels that comprise online data and bring together the data from multiple sources to make sense of it. Where should you start? Can you link data from your mobile platform back to your customer relationship management system? What about social data? Second, even traditional channels such as guest profile and loyalty program data can be fraught with problems in the form of missing and duplicated data. Just think of every time a brand new profile is created for an existing guest when they reserve through a new channel. Or how many of your guest profiles are missing an email address. Or how many of your guest profiles have no contact information whatsoever. No hotel company wants to base their marketing strategies on unsound data, but to overcome these challenges, hotel companies need a way to pull all of the data related to their guests into one system. Using data integration and data quality capabilities is a great place to start. Data integration helps you consume the online data you have coming in and data quality helps you match the online data with your offline customer profiles. You can use the same approach with your offline data sources, bringing together data from disparate sources across your portfolio regardless of the kinds of systems they are held in. Robust data quality routines can ensure that you are never in the position where you have a database full of guests that you cannot effectively communicate with. Once you have a solid data management in place, you can start to bring in new sources of data and analytics. For example, you can match what you know about a customer from social media with offline data and blend this with web or mobile data. The common denominator is to have the data quality and data matching in place to maintain an accurate profile of your guests. Get the full story at the SAS blog