Different customers naturally prefer to book through different digital channels, and we should respect that. Loyal customers enjoy booking directly through the hotel's website or by phone. Other people want to compare options, and will always prefer to use an OTA. Yet others will want to book through their corporate events organiser. To accommodate the needs, preferences, and desires of these different audiences you need to help customers book in a variety of ways that are easy and efficient. It also means that no single channel of bookings is overly dominant – a problem we have seen emerge in the bedrooms business. According to PhocusWright, the number of customers booking through intermediaries now stands at nearly 50 per cent. Nearly half of bedroom customers are now coming through OTAs. This is unhealthy because it means that loyal customers who would otherwise have booked directly are now booking through OTAs, and handing over their valuable data to intermediaries. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net