Direct online bookings are by far the most lucrative and cost-efficient bookings at any hotel, resort or casino. As a point of reference, across the HeBS Digital hotel client portfolio, the average direct channel distribution costs (property website) are 4.5%, compared to the hefty OTA commissions of 18%-25%. Yet, operators and asset managers/owners have completely opposite interests, as far as distribution costs are concerned. For asset managers/owners, any dollar “saved” from distribution adds to the bottom line (Net Operating Income – NOI) and the investment return. In this sense, the more inexpensive direct bookings, the better. The fewer expensive OTA bookings, the better. For many operators, as we see below, the cost of distribution via OTAs plays a far less important role, and in many cases is not even accounted for in the property P&L (Profit and Loss). Get the full story at HeBS Digital