According to the authoritative Roy Morgan research, Australians aged over 55 form 24% of the population, but hold 56% of the net wealth. This statistic, alone, should have the undivided attention of the domestic travel industry. But no, this segment is largely ignored by both advertisers and marketers who almost seem to go out of their way to insult mature travellers with corny images of clichéd ‘frail olds’ or doddery old fools in safari suits and silly hats. The most recent annual departure statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveal that in 2012 the 50 – 54 year age group was the largest segment heading overseas for short-term departures, some 26% of all short-term departures. YOURLifeChoices research reveals a web savvy demographic, which starts travel planning online (a whopping 81%), and books online exclusively (28%) or by combining online bookings with a travel agent (51%). Get the full story at the Amadeus Corporate Blog