Much like the shopping cart and checkout processes for e-commerce, the room reservation process is a critical part of any hotel’s online presence. Due to the key role it plays, the reservations process has the power to influence the overall impression that guests form about a hotel brand and the type of experience that they can expect from the brand (both online and offline). Unfortunately, the reservations process has historically been – and for many hotels, still is – the part of the website that often suffers the most from poor design and user experience. And in many cases the contrast between this part and the rest of the website can be quite stark, resulting in a sort of Jekyll and Hyde user experience. In this article we’ll look at how hotel reservations has traditionally been implemented, and present the 3 main components of a reservations process, along with essential items to keep in mind during design and implementation so as to provide guests with a positive experience. Get the full story at speckyboy