For Adam the narrative of Instant Booking in retrospect was not hard to see. TripAdvisor went from a site that helped consumer read reviews and decide which hotel was right for them, and then click off to a booking partner to book it. Then the the company evolved from a pop-up model to a meta-model - a pure user experiences evolution. The narrative switched to a better inline user experience and price comparison. Then came mobile. And while the meta model still worked, consumers where asking TripAdvisor more and more "why can't I just book it with you guys?" I became apparent, that consumers don't want to go to another site to complete their booking. Sites that might not be mobile-optimized and where you don't feel comfortable to leave your email address let alone your credit-card number. That's how Instant Booking evolved: TripAdvisor looked at the friction in actually booking a hotel, and listend to its consumers. Get the full story at Tnooz