There are a few approaches brand managers can take to overcome this issue. 1. The first and most obvious choice is to pay to promote your posts The idea is not to pay for “likes” but pay to boost the posts that are most important to your channel in order to reach your fans. If your content is stellar, you might even earn some new fans. 2. Forget Facebook, and move to a different platform For most brands, this is simply not an option. Though if you’re just starting out, and you’re not a B2C company, then you may want to focus most of your attention on LinkedIn or Twitter. Though be warned, nothing in life is free; eventually all social channels will shift their operations toward monetization. 3. Optimize your posts to maximize the organic reach you still have Start by auditing your content. Look at several posts over a period of time, and take note of those that performed well. Determine what commonalities those posts had, which of your top posts performed the best, and what time of day earned the best engagement. Get the full story at PR Daily