1. TrustYou provides hotel review scores (TrustScores) and review summaries for more than 300,000 hotels on Google. This is visible on Google when clicking the question mark next to the hotel’s review summary. These review scores and summaries are calculated based on an analysis of quantity, quality and recency of reviews across the web as well as from the survey platform, TrustYou Stars. TrustScores and review summaries are also seen on hundreds of sites like KAYAK, Trivago, Hotels.com, Skyscanner, Wego, and more. 2. Earlier this year, TrustYou launched TrustYou Stars, a first-of-its-kind survey solution that allows hotels to collect reviews that influence the TrustScore. This solution also allows guests to push their reviews to Google as a Google review that is shown on Google below the review summary. Get the full story at TrustYou