Powered by SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, Little Hotelier says its clear focus on the small accommodation industry makes it an ideal system solution for small hotel businesses. “We are excited to be able to satisfy the increasing demand we have been receiving from U.S. hotels, inns and lodges, particularly as hotel occupancy within the U.S. market is forecast to hit a record high in 2015[1] and automation technology will be crucial for small hotels. Little Hotelier is specifically designed to enable small accommodation providers around the world to manage their online presence and compete on the global stage – and now properties in the U.S. can join our customers around the world to benefit from exactly this,” says Bronwyn Karaoglu, Little Hotelier evangelist. Little Hotelier’s solution aims to empower small hoteliers through award-winning, best-in-class technology. Taking a three-pronged approach to small hotel management, the system includes a front desk system, an online reservation system and a channel manager that connects small hotels to more than 250 of the world’s leading online distribution channels. Using a ‘pooled inventory’ model, Little Hotelier allows small hoteliers to have all their rooms online at the same time, and also manage all their inventory from one place to drastically reduce the risks of overbookings and double bookings that come with manual inventory management. The system’s complete automation capability also enables hoteliers to work more efficiently by eliminating otherwise manual administrative work. In its recent survey of U.S. hotels and inns with less than 50 rooms, Little Hotelier found that time spent on manual administrative work was a major frustration, with 65 percent of respondents saying that time wasted on managing reservations across multiple reservation sites was their biggest challenge. Ms Karaoglu says: “By consolidating the three systems into one, we’re solving a very significant problem that small hotels in the U.S. are facing. Updating inventory across distribution channels, in particular, is a painful task, with a large number of innkeepers saying overbooking and double booking is a constant risk.” The Little Hotelier system is now live and innkeepers can sign up instantly by visiting http://www.littlehotelier.com.