The 4Ps of marketing have evolved. The Internet and social media has had a huge impact on how marketers need to focus their efforts. The concept of the 4Ps has morphed into the “4Es”: Experience, Evangelism, Exchange and Everyplace. Following, are a few examples of how clever hotel marketers can take advantage of this opportunity. Today, when selecting a hotel, the decision-making process for travelers is much more likely to be driven by their expected “Experience” than a “Product” focused criteria. Travelers have specific expectations for each trip and those expectations often change depending on the reason for travel, length of stay, etc.. If hoteliers exceed a guest’s expectations for any given stay, more and more will share those positive experiences by “Evangelizing” on TripAdvisor or on one of more than 175 other OTAs and review sites that exist around the world. Reviews, both positive and negative, influence other travelers, impact rankings and the rates hoteliers can charge. Get the full story at ReviewPro