You have to sympathise with revenue managers (or those who set your rate strategy) – the list of rate parity woes is ever-growing; corporate rates are being offered to consumers, VAT isn’t being included on pricing, inclusions (breakfast etc) not being made clear, non-transparent pricing (per person vs. per room), lack of clarity of rate types on offer, mixed messaging on cancellation policies etc. And in an online environment where affiliates of affiliates seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere; the emerging challenge is finding the source of a cheaper rate. However, rate parity remains essential. Price driven consumers will shop around and book the cheapest rate they see. If that’s an OTA, then you’ve just lost up to 25% of your profits. We should take learnings from a recent article by David Collins on the future of hotel brands: “Remember, ultimately you dictate your hotel’s rate strategy and decide which 3rd party channels including GDS suit your business mix” Whilst the situation may seem helpless for many, it is our collective responsibility to continuously challenge and raise awareness of distribution channels that don’t adhere to fair business practice in order to instigate long-term change. Get the full story at Hotel Speak