The four Ps of mobile travel according to PhoCusWright: Performance: Ease of use is crucial to the mobile experience, and mobile offerings should continually be made better, faster, more intuitive and easier to use. Mobile travel is about making the travel process as seamless and easy as possible at every stage of the travel value chain. Personalization: Companies have the opportunity to deliver personalized content and interactions through consumers' smartphones and tablets. As technology keeps advancing, travelers expect more advanced personalization that takes into account the traveler's identity, past purchases, trip type, context and preferences to deliver a customized user experience. Portability: Travelers are now connected throughout the travel life cycle, creating opportunities for suppliers and intermediaries to support the travel process at every stage. Understanding the traveler's location and recognizing where they are in the trip process makes it possible to deliver contextualized suggestions and product offers. Pleasure: The top mobile travel apps today achieve an elusive mixture of usability, design and surprise that takes the experience from functional to delightful. Mobile initiatives should aim for a passionate and enthusiastic response from consumers. Get the full story at PhoCusWright