Described as the most popular revenue management and dynamic pricing software for the $100bn rental and home-sharing market, Beyond Pricing was nominated by a panel of judges led by Travelocity founder Terry Jones and voted by the audience. EyeForTravel caught up with co-founder and CEO Ian McHenry after the conference to find out more about what he believes is propelling the industry forward. EFT: How prevalent is automatic pricing for rentals? Is it going to become standard practice for renters anytime soon? IM: Revenue management is just starting to catch on in the vacation and short-term rental space. Similar to how it took a while for hotels to adopt a more sophisticated approach after airlines pioneering the practice, vacation rentals took a long time to really focus on revenue management. When Beyond Pricing started three years ago, no one was really doing it in the space. In just the last year, it's become the top priority for most vacation rental property managers, software providers, and listing sites. Get the full story at EyeForTravel