The Anti-SPAM movement has, in the interests of purging inboxes of unsolicited junk mail, begun to strangle one of the best avenues of marketing and business development available to legitimate and reputable businesses today.

Like dolphins in a fishing net, marketing directors and sales directors from all types of industry and commerce are being caught in the filters set up to weed out pornography and Viagra ads. What’s worse - many filters consider them one in the same if they dare to send an introductory e-mail to a potential prospect. When did using e-mail for valid sales and marketing purposes become so reprehensible?

How do small businesses grow? How do you acquire new clients? When did it become morally and legally wrong to reach out and open the lines of communication with a potential customer by electronic mail? There is a logical premise beneath this: All SPAM is e-mail, but not all e-mail is SPAM.

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