To continue building loyalty with the hotel guests of today, you must know your customer - what do they want and what can you deliver? Sounds simple, right? If only. Currently, the choice of solutions available for a variety of guest scenarios and/or preferences can appear overwhelming. For instance, younger guests may prefer not to interact with anyone at check-in or wait in line. For these guests, there are mobile apps, keyless entry and secure payment options. However, just because one traveller wishes to streamline their check-in experience doesn’t mean every traveller wants to avoid personal service. An automated chatbot might recite breakfast hours or the daily in-room dining specials, but when a guest is looking for a unique brunch experience, they want to speak with a human. This means hotels need to ensure they cater to a wide range of guest types and preferences. But is it feasible, or even good practice, to try and meet the needs of every possible guest? How should hoteliers meet the needs of guests and encourage loyalty now and into the future? Get the full story at eHotelier Read also "When it comes to loyalty, new study reveals split in the perception of hoteliers and their guests"