Advertisers have been skeptical for years about the pay-per-click online marketing model. Finally there may be a model that advertisers like - one that is decidedly offline, however. It's called pay-per-call

It seems as if every major Internet player, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon and, most recently AOL, has either rolled out or announced plans to launch a way to connect online browsers to text advertisers via voice.

Consumers are starting to get used to the technology as a way to obtain answers to questions when text ads and Web sites won't suffice. Pay-per-call is especially enticing for the Internet players because some advertisers are starting to become wary of pay-per-click ads, due to increased click fraud and general concerns about the return on investment (ROI) of pay-per-click.

Pay-per-call ads work in a similar way to pay-per-click ads, except that advertisers pay when they receive a phone call rather than a click.

Google is reportedly struggling to convince advertisers that click-to-call is a good tactic, as many businesses don't want customers bombarding their customer service centers with simple questions. The costs are simply too high.

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