At a Forecast fireside chat in Chicago, Gamson and Base CEO, Uzi Shmilovici, talked about the sales landscape and which skills sales representatives must cultivate and the sort of talent sales teams must secure. Here are Gamson’s most memorable insights on the future of sales: - The ability to discern the signal from the noise will be a key asset for sales reps. Not only do reps need to be able to accurately asses the information their contacts and contacts’ companies share, they’ll also need to keep their eye on trends and business developments. Sales reps who understand and embrace technology will be central to a company’s success. - Since the advent of social media as a business tool, sales reps have been lifting cues from people’s online profiles to smooth out sales conversations. But social integration into CRM and calendars will make this information even more accessible and usable. The future of CRM looks like a calendar reminder with a social profile link and a seamless transition from hello, to small talk to the dotted line. Get the full story at Business 2 Community