Want to measure organic traffic? Just take the number of Google Webmaster Tools clicks, average out the CTR by position across all of them, then take the broad match volume of all those terms (because that’s the only volume Google will give you), and then take your position and divide it by CTR and volume. And viola! There’s your traffic by keyword. If the above “crazy math” sounds a bit familiar, you aren’t alone. Many digital marketers are using similar methods as an SEO reporting solution now that Google has killed off organic keyword data. In case you missed it, Google’s blackout on organic data started about two years ago. Back then, it began serving the search results pages over https, aka Secure Search. In doing so, it removed the referrer information from the headers, which, of course, wiped out the keyword-level data SEOs relied upon. Soon, we started to see the appearance of (Not Provided) in our analytics platforms. And recently, Google quietly switched to 100% Secure Search. This move increased the percentage of (Not Provided) even further, and caused us to lose nearly all keyword-level data from Google. In fact, today some platforms are unable to get any organic data at all, or to measure the volume of organic traffic vs. other channels. Get the full story at Marketing Land