Here are some highlights of the study: - By the end of next year, most airlines will offer mobile check-in, most will sell tickets through mobile apps, almost all airports will provide kiosks for automated check-in, and most will also provide automated self-service baggage tag printing. The take-away here: We'll make sure that you do more of the work we used to do. -- In five years, you'll have an automated individual "e-agent" that goes everywhere with you, inside a watch or piece of small jewelry, and a few years later, biometric data cards will replace passports. The latter would be a great idea -- provided the data card can actually help you get through customs and immigration procedures more quickly, not just provide security information. I'm not holding my breath until that happens. -- The 10-year forecast sticks with its connected theme, suggesting that travelers will be able to walk straight through a hotel lobby to an elevator and a room without having to go through any check-in process. Beyond that, however, the forecast goes a bit off track. The writer predicts airline seats that remember you from previous trips, mold to your body, and have individual climate control. Oh? And how, exactly, does that square with the "tighter, lighter, narrower" mantra? Get the full story at the Chicago Tribune