The 2016 Reuters Digital News report, which surveyed more than 50,000 online news consumers across 26 countries, shows ad blocking is most common among those who get news online and under 35s, the research showed. Smartphone users aren’t huge on ad blocking yet, with only 8 percent admitting they use it, however a third of interviewees said they plan to use an ad blocker in the next year. The statistics vary hugely across the globe, however. For example, Poland has the highest percentage of ad blocking, at 38 percent. In Japan, only 10 percent say they block ads. Poland’s high use of ad blocking could be put down to news websites being overloaded with ads, combined with heavy usage of illegal video streaming services which have “extremely intrusive” advertising, the research said. For the U.K., where ad blocking is at 21 percent, the research said newspapers have been hit the hardest because of ad blockers. Get the full story at Digiday