We all wish for a really nice web, attractive and inviting enough to attract visitors to make their bookings on our website. Many factors influencde this: design, development or applicable marketing strategy among others. The best way is to focus only on those design factors that include photographs in varied colour, fonts that catch the eye, and harmony among the elements that make the final view the best.

To achieve this harmony, what better than taking a tip from Nature, where for more than 2000 years the Golden Ratio, has been effective; this means, basically, a number that represents the ratio between two segments – the minor segment is to the major what the major is to the total, having a value of 1.618.

Leonardo Da Vinci , for instance, used the Goldren Ratio when he painted the Mona Lisa. The pyramids in Egypt were also built according to the Golden Ratio; even the Eiffel Tower maintains it.

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