Google recently updated its search engine result listings algorithm, meaning that while some web pages climbed up the ladder, others dropped into oblivion.

Google, of course, keeps its algorithm secret, but search engine marketing experts nevertheless do their best to learn from their own experience. By analyzing the effect of this new ”Jagger” update on their own web pages – and on the pages of their clients – they may make some educated guesses on what Google is trying to achieve.

Incoming links remains one of the most important factors for Google rankings. However, since more and more webmasters are using unsavory techniques to generate incoming links, Google is punishing any link structures that taste of pure manipulation.

This applies for instance to link-building schemes, links from free-for-all link directories, interlinking between closed networks of sites, too many links from scraping sites (i.e. automatically built web pages with content taken from web directories or stolen from other sites) etc.

The winners are pages with links from well-known and trusted web sites (which automatically means older web sites). Moreover, these web sites should preferably be of relevance to the content of your own site.

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