Sometimes it's hard to imagine what we did before September 1998. That's the year two college students from Stanford opened the doors of the company that's now known as Google, Inc.

Seven years and billions of queries later, Google, along with other search engines, has become a daily destination for anyone in need of fast, accurate answers for every question under the sun.

But Google's impact is not limited to the individual user. America's number-one search engine has also fundamentally changed the way companies do business. Its ability to bring together sellers and interested buyers at a pivotal point in the purchase process has made it mission-critical to a number of industries.

One such industry is travel, where the U.S. online market is expected to grow to $91 billion in 2009, or 33 percent of travel purchased, according to Jupiter Research.

This article, the third and final installment in a series titled "The Googlization of Business," takes a look at Google's impact on this industry, analyzing how the search engine has shifted ownership of the travel experience and evened the playing field for travel providers. By doing so, Google has fundamentally changed the way travel is thought about and marketed.

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