From the first smell to the last sound the hotels, restaurants, hospitals, stores and other places we enter are immediately and constantly telling us how we should feel about the place. And each place has a distinct personality, often inadvertent, that shapes how we act and feel about it.

Just as directors “storyboard” a movie, TV show, advertisement or photo op for their candidate, leverage your opportunity to optimize an experience by making every moment count. And, again like creating a memorable movie, manage the sequence of moments your guests or customers will experience, from the climactic opening scene, through the end.

Imagine entering a hotel to see lively conversations at several tables and others sitting in comfy chairs, intently working away at their computers whilst sipping a glass of wine. In short, you’ve stepped into another version of the “third space” between home and office that Starbucks used to tout as the role of their cafes in creating community.

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