Despite the sheer number of complaints about hotels that still don't offer free Wi-Fi, internet connectivity is only the tip of the technology iceberg that hotels need to scale. Not all hotels wish to cultivate a futuristic image, but even for the most traditional, the importance of technology can no longer be ignored. A 2012 Hotel Amenities survey reported that good Wi-Fi was the most important feature of a hotel for 34% of travellers, going up to 56% for business users. In addition to customer experience that can benefit from the innovative use of technology, there are also efficiencies within management. With the 'Internet of Things' just around the corner, imagine a TV that alerts maintenance when there is an issue as opposed to a call from a customer. Or a lift that alerts the management team when a service is due. Or intelligent air-conditioning systems that alert a hotel to how it can save money or become significantly more efficient. Get the full story at Travolution