Three. That's the number of times in the past five months that I've been stuck in hotels with failed high-speed Internet connections.

While I received polite apologies and "I'm sorry sir, we'll credit your bill," those responses are unacceptable. Simply put, hotels catering to business travelers need to seriously rethink the criticality of their Internet service levels.

When I select a business hotel, high-speed Internet is a mandatory criteria. My work is such that I am home typically only on weekends, so I rely on time in the hotel to do email, research companies, trends, etc. I also use it to see my kids on MS Instant Messenger with a webcam and that priority trumps all in my book.

When I talk to the hotels, it's almost like they equate the high-speed Internet to an amenity for the kids to play with versus a mission-critical service for business travelers.

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