With one log-in + one navigation + all data, the Marketplace offers hotels one central location to manage and customize their technology. With the look of an app store and an easy-to-navigate platform, the SnapShot Marketplace allows hotels to pick and choose the applications that they need to effectively run their business, as well as test out new applications and share data from any application to hotel staffers via Fabric, SnapShot’s very own hotel messaging tool. And all of the property data is already there and ready to use. With it, hotels can customize their entire software stack, integrating all the moving pieces and making the data work for them. A technology revolution. Hotels are able to integrate all of their data. Everything. Then they are able put it to maximum use. The ramifications of a technology ecosystem of this caliber are massive. Rather than cobbling together fixes and integrating a few technologies, hotels will officially have access to true data integration in which all the major systems can actually work together. This opens the door to superior predictive intelligence, the foundation of personalized guest communication. It offers revenue management insight based on better data. It will drive more profitable bookings, as hotels are able to more accurately evaluate where their highest value and highest volume business is originating. Get the full story at SnapShot