Here are seven of the hottest travel trends among baby boomers: 1. Ecotourism Green is the new black when it comes to vacations.The U.N. World Tourism Organization predicts there will be some 1.6 billion eco-inspired trips taken by 2020. But all operators are not created equal. It’s important to do your homework and find a company that works closely with local residents to benefit them. True ecotourism isn’t just zip-lining through the jungle. It helps the local economy and is sustainable. 2. Adventure As boomers, we don’t think of ourselves as aging. Plenty of us are in as good shape as when we were in our 20s and some are in even better condition. We’ve always been up for a challenge. As a result, adventure travel - kayaking, cycling, hiking, scuba diving, skiing, mountain climbing - is enjoying popularity among the 50+ crowd. 3. Bucket List We’re at that age where we feel young - but are also realistic about that ticking clock. While some people have been smart/lucky enough to start checking items off their bucket list for years, many of us are only now getting the right combination of time and money to live out our dreams. Get the full story at Forbes magazine