TripBAM, a platform that tracks hotel rates and rebooks them at a lower rate for its corporate clients, mostly mid- to large-size companies, said the financial impact of these new cancellation policies from Marriott and, soon, Hilton, to companies isn’t nearly as bad as you may think. TripBAM examined its more than 10 million annual hotel reservations within the last year and found that of those bookings, only 4.9 percent of travelers, on average, canceled or changed their hotel reservations within 48 hours of check-in. If each of those changes were to result in a cancellation penalty, TripBAM estimated the cost would be $179 per occurrence. “If you have 100 bookings, approximately five corporate travelers will cancel within that new booking window,” TripBAM CEO Steve Reynolds explained. “It’s not that big a deal. It’s not going to impact you that much. But it’ll really impact you [companies] if you have a preferred relationship with those hotels. Before, the hotel used to give you day of check-in to cancel, and now they give you 48 hours.” Get the full story at Skift Read also "Last-minute hotel cancellations will soon prove costly"