The travel environment is no stranger to data. Each and every airline reservation, every hotel stay, rental care reservation creates data. However, now travelers are making trip arrangements on the web, posting reviews, ratings, blogs and the like on social networks that result to more but highly fragmented data. Travel firms are known to capture and store massive amounts of data. During each step of the journey, they collect data like flight paths, customer data, transactions, checks-ins and more. Until recently, data was just stored and travel firms had difficulty in actually putting the data to use by combining different data sets. With the sheer amount of computer power, powerful and cheap storage solutions like Hadoop and a lot of Big Data startups waiting to help, the information could be finally put to use to make customers feel better serviced and more appreciated, that result to more income and higher profits. The following are five things that the travel industry should be doing when it comes to big data. Get the full story at insideBigData